Corporation Wellness Plan

Besides in-clinic treatment, Wellness Allied also offers "Corporate Wellness Plan". It offers workplace acupuncture, acupressure and therapeutic massage services. Top benefits for workplace acu punctures includes: 1) Reduce stress; 2) Relief from Headaches, 3) Enhanced mental clarity; 4) Reduce back pain, neck tension and joints pains on hands, arms ...

Our corporate wellness plan is collaborative efforts between
Insurance Broker, Employer, Employee, and Wellness Allied Inc.  

Insurance Broker

Insurance broker plans for employee’s medical insurance packages to reflect employee’s individual needs: 1) PPO plans with acupuncture service covered, which are designed for employees with health problems; 2) HMO/PPO plans without acupuncture service, which are designed for relatively healthier employees.


Employer works with insurance broker to design the subsidy program for employee medical insurance and wellness plan: 1) subsidizes more in higher-cost PPO plans; 2) subsidizes less in low-cost HMP/PPO plans with vouches for out-of-pocket acupuncture treatments.


Employees sign up the wellness program and get acupuncture treatments. As an incentive for employees’ membership signup, Wellness Allied will provide discounted treatment pricing, workplace onsite services and deeply discounted wellness products.

Wellness Allied Inc

Wellness Allied Inc. provides acupuncture, massage and other holistic healthcare services; sets up employees’ electronic health record; tracks employees’ health condition and evaluates treatment effectiveness.