Terry Jeanne
Acupuncturist,MSOM,L,Ac,Dipl,O... VA Knoxville
Different people respond differently to the many types of acupoint stimulation. Terry's style is to find the best method for the best correction. This makes her perfect for difficult to treat cases especially having multiple different issues contributing to poor quality life, or pain with nerve involvement. or people who are easily made worse with various therapies. Anyone wishing to be proactive and work at a new level of self-understanding for better health will come to love restorative acupuncture. SKEPTICS WHO WANT CHANGE ARE THE BEST!You are viewed as a whole and unique person, and the professional support you may need for success in your specific goals is discussed up front. Your questions are answered to your satisfaction so that you can understand the benefits & differences of Oriental Medicine. Terry works with your other health provider(s) as needed..We have a professional clinic geared toward efficacy, safety, and deep restoration. The needles are disposable, single use as are bedding covers. Clean needle standards are adhered such that more than one patient is not handled in succession without proper hygiene and new materials. Needle accounting is also conducted with every session.
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Acupuncturist,LAc,Dip,CH WA Portland
Over 25 years clinical and teaching experience, to help people reduce pain and stress, improve digestive distress and improve vitality utilizing acupuncture, Chinese nutritional therapy and stress reduction. I work collaboratively with you and your other physicians and health care professionals to create the best care plan possible. Co-founder Pearl Natural Health, a naturopathic, acupuncture and Chinese medicine clinic. My strong background in acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicine, Asian bodywork, movement therapies, dietary therapy, and mindfulness based stress reduction offers you a broad palette of treatment options to assist you in reaching your health goals. I authored Nutritional Healing with Chinese medicine: + 175 seasonal recipes.I collaborate with you and other health care providers as a team to create an effective treatment plan to resolve your health problem. With the right effort we can together create real change and deep healing. Call today to schedule an appointment.
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Acupuncturist WA Everett
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Acupuncturist,MA,LAc WI Kenosha
I received my Acupuncture degree in 1994. I have an integrated approach to health and education incorporates classical Chinese healing methods, body-centered methods, structural bodywork, and dietary and nutritional education. I am a master-level yoga and meditation teacher with 40 years’ experience in numerous Asian yogic traditions and qi gong. Author of Medium-Raw: Combining Cooked and Raw Whole Foods for an Optimal Health Diet. I have Certifications in Structural Bodywork and Jin Shin Do® Bodymind Acupressure® and an M.A. in Counseling Psychology. I offer Telehealth consultations. Contact me by phone at no charge for an initial conversation about your health needs.