Way (408) 516-4225
Acupuncturist,LAc,DAOM CA San Jose
Life is better with Acupuncture, it feels like a massage from the inside out...Way Of Wellness offers you the very best in Chinese Medicine, Acupuncture, Herbology, Nutrition, & Qi Yoga. Located in San Jose (Bay Area) with over 19 years of experience, Dr. Shasta Tierra L.Ac., D. A.O.M., founder and licensed acupuncturist at Way Of Wellness. Specializing in pain management, women's health and fertility, weight loss, obesity, diabetes, headaches, insomnia, stress, asthma, hypothyroidism and more. Shasta Tierra is available Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 9:30 am to 6:00 pm. Please visit website.Check out YouTube videos to see Shasta demonstrating: " acupuncture for fertility", "acupuncture for low back pain", "acupuncture for face lift", "yoga, acupressure and chi kung for health and healing"I am a second generation Doctor of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine. have benefitted personally from the use of TCM since I was a child from things like colds to when I was an adult for serious musculoskeletal and serious thyroid problem. TCM helped save my life and I like to help others.
Hiromi Kagawa (408) 412-5981
Acupuncturist,PhD,LAc CA Sunnyvale
I listen seriously to your health concerns and work together with you to find the best Kampo herbal formula for you. For the acupuncture treatment, I spend time with you for the entire 90-min session. Even if your problem is local such as lower back pain, I treat your whole body starting from the toe to head and the back to legs to regain smooth flow of energy in the whole body. I use Japanese most comfortable disposable needles. Most people find my treatment as very comfortable and many take a good nap during the treatment.I use Japanese most comfortable disposable needles, Seirin brand. The needles are inserted only few millimeters into the acupoints. Please see the video clip in my website ("Services" page) to find out how soft and gentle the Japanese needle is.I obtained PhD in Biochemistry from Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan. I worked as a molecular biologist in Argonne National Laboratory, Illinois, and am working at the NASA Ames Research Center, Moffett Field, California. I have conducted studies on microorganisms in extreme habitats and biofuel production from algae.
Sara Rankin (510) 394-1948
Acupuncturist,LAc CA Oakland
I treat many stress-related disorders including insomnia, heart palpitations, digestive disorders and gynecological disorders.I help a lot of people with physical pain, emotional pain and fertility issues.I have studied many different styles of acupuncture which provides a degree of versatility that I find helpful in treating different kinds of people and different conditions. In addition, I use other modalities such as cupping, massage and acutonics (tuning forks).
Acupuncture China (408) 207-6053
Acupuncturist,LAc CA San Jose
China trained expert acupuncturist with 30+ years of hospital and clinical experience: treating pain, infertility and more, 48 reviews. Worked as a staff Chinese Traditional Medical doctor in First People's Hospital of Chengdu, China from 1986-1996. Continued practicing acupuncture in the State of California since 1997. During 27 years of practice, has successfully helped patients with their medical issues: pain management, infertility, allergies, asthma, addictions, arthritis, bronchitis, chronic fatigue, carpal tunnel, facial palsy, frozen shoulder, headaches, heart palpitations, hypertension, hyperthyroid, insomnia, irritable bowel, menopause, migraines, numbness, obesity, paralysis, sciatica, shoulder pain, sinusitis, stress, strokes, tinnitus, and much more.The treatment modalities I use will depend on the patient's needs at the time of treatment; modalities may include acupuncture, electroacupuncture, auricular acupuncture, moxibustion, cupping, GuaSha, TuiNa, acupuressure, ChiGong, and herbal prescriptions among others.I am a licensed Acupuncturist in the State of California since 1997, specializing in pain management, infertility and many other medical disorders. I was trained in Chengdu China in Traditional Chinese Medicine. Besides doing acupuncture, I also have practical experience with herbal formulations.
A-B-C (408) 465-9923
Acupuncturist,PhD,Ch-MD,Ch-OMD CA Campbell
Licensed Acupuncturist, Ph.D in US- M.D ,O.M.D in China at University Medical Centre - 8-Year Medical University Education (Annual Awards for Outstanding Student in China)- Over 26-Year Profesional Medical Clinic Experiences (Annual Awards for Outstanding Doctor in China)we are especially good at Pain Management ( Neck/ Shoulder/ Back/ Joint ), Sprain/ Strain, Depression, anxiety, insomnia and stress Infertility, Headache, migraine, Stroke, Women Disorder, Osteoporosis, Gastrointestinal issues, Weight Management,We provides a wide variety of healthcare services including Acupuncture, Acupressure, herbs and traditional Chinese Medicine .......
Amanda Yun Ge (833) 669-0898
Acupuncturist,LAc CA Sunnyvale
Have you wondered what can you do to be less worrisome in the health care regime? Drug effects, side effects, long term effects, cost, time and mental stress? Do we have a process to cover the needs of baseline health goals, eat well, sleep well, be energetic to fulfill daily living responsibilities and happy to enjoy life through different age periods. I have gone through this thought process in 2011 suffering from personal losses. Shortly afterwards I switched from a tech job to practice Chinese Medicine full time. Besides leading the teamwork of TCM hardware and software R&D, I started my own clinic to help more patients.Dr Ge offers acupuncture treatment for pain, infertility, in non-invasive way with minimum side effects. Her herbal treatment with careful selection of quality products is also very effective in fighting flu, helping digestive issues, reducing long term drug dependency on chronic symptoms like insomnia, ADHD.She believes the patients hold a more active role in the healthcare system. Do not wait till a major disease is diagnosed then being handed drugs for the remaining life. Often it is safer and more effective for the long term to use holistic medicine early on, either to detect smaller health issues to treat, or to improve existing conditions step-by-step.
Wenlong Li (408) 614-7835
Acupuncturist,LAc,MSTCM CA San Jose
We specialize in pain relief, nerve system wellness, gynecological conditions and digestive disorders. Acute or chronic neck, shoulder, back or joint pain, sciatica, sports injuries, post stroke symptoms, stress, anxiety, depression, insomnia, menopause, infertility, gastrointestinal issues, are some conditions that acupuncture is shown to be an effective treatment. Our treatment is custom-designed to fit each client’s individual needs. We consult with clients first to define their goals in determining their unique treatment plans, which may combine other Traditional Chinese Medicine techniques.Acupuncture improves the body’s functions and promotes the natural self-healing process by stimulating acupuncture points, or acupressure points. For maximum results, treatment plans can include herbal medicine, massage therapy, moxibustion or heat therapy, cupping, and the application of topical herbal medicines and ointments. (wliwellness.com)Let our experienced, caring, and professional staff restore your health and support you in maintaining a balanced and healthy life. We offer 35% off for new clients, healthcare professionals and have discount programs for seniors and students. (wliwellness.com)
Yuanyuan Wang (669) 238-2917
Acupuncturist,LAc CA San Jose
Lillian Huang (510) 269-7964
Acupuncturist,LAc,OMD,PhD CA Hayward
Come for a Free Consultation! As the fourth generation of acupuncturist in my family, I am continuing the footsteps of my ancestors in helping people with excellent skills, compassion and dedication. After more than a decade of practicing acupuncture and Chinese Medicine, I am still thrilled and amazed with the outstanding results this healing art produces. Patients give great feedback for injuries, pain, migraines and headaches, infertility, gastrointestinal problems, cancer care, or just maintain a general well being.
Po-Lin Shyu (408) 287-1390
Acupuncturist,LAc,OMD,PhD CA San Jose
For the past 20 years, I have maintained a practice that is exclusive to Fertility and Reproductive Enhancement, Obstetrics, Gynecology, Women's Health, Male Infertility, and Pain Management. I have integrated Chinese Medicine with Western Medicine Fertility Protocols and I am currently working exclusively with Reproductive Science Center in San Ramon as well as other fertility centers in the greater San Francisco Bay Area. I normally treat women with PMS, Endometriosis, Polycystic Ovaries (PCOS), Luteal Phase Defects, Fibroids, Blocked Fallopian Tubes, Annovulation, Elevated FSH, Amenorrhea, Gestational Diabetes, and menopausal symptoms. I can, also, help with Male Sperm issues.I have my Doctorate Degree and Ph.D in Chinese Medicine with a concentration in Women's Health and Fertility Enhancement as well as Pain Management. I also teach Obstetrics and Gynecology at a local acupuncture collegeI practice reproductive organ massage which helps women get pregnant easier and quicker.
Castro Valley Acupuncture (510) 727-1238
Acupuncturist,LAc,RN CA Castro Valley
I tailor each visit to your individual needs,in order to give each person the best care possible. YOUR vision about your health goals helps us both set the treatment priorities that will restore your body to harmony.Call today to return to a state of vibrant good health!Having been in practice for more than 15 years, and having been an Emergency Nurse for many years, I have a wealth of experience treating many types of pain. I have also had great success with women's health issues, headaches, insomnia,addictions and stress-related physical and emotional challenges
Ligong Ho (510) 380-8135
Acupuncturist,OMD,AcD,DAOM,LAc CA Fremont
We specialize in helping people who suffer from allergic disorders. Recently, An 11-year-old, who has been suffered from allergy since one and a half, almost decided to have a surgery after being noted there is no cure by his doctors. In just 5 visits, his allergic symptoms of sneezing, itching, coughing, sinus discomfort are greatly reduced by 60%(P.S. 100% cured now). Dr. Ho is an interactive, solution-focused California Licensed Acupuncturist, specializing in prescribing Jing-Fang(Classic Formula) with nature herbs, being highly skilled in acupuncture/moxa as a seasoned practitioner for individual and family diseases.We are committed to the best possible health care for all of our patients. Providing natural techniques and organic herbs for: * Allergy *Urticaria * Edima/Swelling/Ascite * Pain management/Tumor & Cancer Care * Pediatric/Healthy Kids * Women's Health/ObGyn * Diabetes * Hypertension/HypotensionWith integration of complimentary approaches, variety of methodologies and techniques is drawn to incorporate what is most helpful for each individual. In a comfortable and supportive atmosphere, a highly personalized approach is tailored to each of clients' individual needs to help them attain the personal strength they're striving for.
Marjorie Singler (925) 283-9931
Acupuncturist,LAc,MA,NCCAOM,Di... CA Lafayette
My focus is on healing; giving you the highest quality patient care; treating the root cause of your condition as well as your symptoms, so that you are up and running, enjoying life ASAP. I have 28 years of successfully, effectively treating a wide variety of health conditions. I will give you relaxing, gentle treatments that are effective with eliminating your symptoms; communicate your diagnosis/ treatment plan. I am particularly effective at helping women resolve their hormonal issues such as PMS , menopause, pregnancy/infertility; pediatrics;,male female clients resolving pain conditions; internal medicine; lyme disease, and cancers. Free introductory consultationMy practice is a multidisciplinary collaborative practice focusing on: immune disorders, infertility, lyme disease, chronic/acute pain. . I have advanced training in Asia, and over 28 yrs experience . I use wide varieties of modalities of treatments including: acupuncture (French, Korean, Japanese and Chinese), homeopathy, traditional Chinese herbs, Western herbs,I have been a professor at Contra Costa, Los Medanos, Diablo Valley, and Chabot Colleges, and focus on high quality health education and health care. I have California, British Columbia, Alberta, and U.S National acupuncture licenses.
Dennis Xie (510) 455-7636
Acupuncturist,L,A,c CA Fremont
The practitioner has been practiced Chinese medicine for 30 years. He graduated from the traditional Chinese Medical school in China, and worked for many years as a Chinese medicine doctor and instructor in Province Chinese Medicine Hospital in China.Acupuncture for the pain management,such as headache,neck pain,shoulder pain,arm pain or numb,elbow pain,wrist pain,hand or finger pain or number,pain or numb in back,low back,leg,knee,ankle,footThe insurance might cover acupuncture treatment for the pain management as PPO or EPO of :Cigna,United Healthcare,Blue Shield of California,Anthem Blue Cross,Auto accident,Work's Comp
Shelley A Sovola (707) 683-8387
Acupuncturist,OMD,DiplOM,LAc CA Crescent City
I have been a Chinese Medicine/Acupuncture practitioner since 1981. My patients can expect a very personalized assessment and treatment to provide the best care for their needs and health goals. I offer an extensive herbal pharmacy to support health and well being. Phone in consultations are encouraged to discuss health issues before making an appointment. I will make time to be available for after hours phone consulting with established patients. Mail order of herbs/supplements is also available for established patients when travelling or re-locating. I provide a safe & comfortable clinical setting in the office.I offer traditional Acupuncture, Cupping, Herbs, Supplements. Allergy Testing. Acupuncture for pain, fibromyalgia, arthritis, migraines, headaches, muscle- skeletal pain, injuries, bell's palsy, trigeminal neuralgia, neuropathy, gastro-intestinal problems, Insomnia, depression, carpel tunnel pain, sciatica, sinusitis, thyroid problems, Worker's Comp.As a practitioner I care deeply that my patients have the time to discuss their health needs and backgrounds. I will listen to you and give you the best care within my scope of practice. It is a great honor to help and support my patients with compassion, kindness, and gentle care. Your privacy & confidentiality is a top priority.
Chris Henderson (707) 706-3925
Acupuncturist,ND,LAc CA Napa
I am a licensed Naturopathic Doctor and Licensed Acupuncturist in Napa Valley, California. I have a natural family practice in which I treat a full range of people and health issues. It is my goal to help people become healthy through treatment and to educate people on the optimal care of their bodies, minds, and spirits; so that they may continue to be well and refer others for needed careI practice holistic natural medicine utilizing nutrition, acupuncture, herbal medicine, homeopathy and physical medicine.I am uniquely suited to blend the best of western and eastern medicine to help you achieve long lasting health.
Galina Yugay (925) 330-0581
Acupuncturist,LAc,MSOM CA Walnut Creek
I was an MD in Russia for more than 20 years,and after graduating Meiji College of Oriental Medicine in Berkeley, I can combine now and use my knowledge in western and oriental medicine more comprehensive. My office is located in the medical building right across Mount Zion Hospital and having very convenient transportation. I always welcome everybody who is seeking for help and need immediate treatment. Traditional Chinese Medicine is good for balancing the body, helps relieve the pain, reduce stress and many other problems.And also I offer an initial exam free with the 1-st treatment.
Seoung R Jee (925) 690-1324
Acupuncturist,OMD,LAc,DiplAc CA Walnut Creek
Smart healthcare and results are my passion! Using a body constitution approach, I tailor treatments for nerve and joint pain, gastrointestinal and auto-immune disorders. Knowing your particular body constitution is vital since your treatment could be completely different from someone else even if you have the exact same symptoms and diagnosis. What you eat is also very important so you know how to maintain the treatments you receive from me. As part of my care, every patient receives comprehensive dietary and lifestyle activities counseling.It is my professional goal of bettering the quality of your life. Over the course of my career it has been my privilege to help thousands. I look forward to meeting with you and providing experienced, tailored care.Please visit my website at www.JeeAcu.com to learn more. Thank you!
John P Erdmann (925) 528-0093
Acupuncturist,LAc CA Pleasant Hill
Whole body health. Someone who understands that everything is connected from poor sleep to anxiety.Applied Kìnesiology is the tool bag I use with chiropractic, tissue body work(massage) and acupuncture to find hidden body system correlations Do you suffer from anxiety, stress necknand back ache. I can help, with a myriad of tools that don’t blame you or diagnose it’s in your head.
Hatice Poroy (510) 333-3142
Acupuncturist,LAc CA Walnut Creek
I am a Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner who is also trained as a medical doctor. I specialized in Pediatrics as a Western physcian. In my Chinese medicine practice, I treat patients with all ages. Pain management,cancer support, pediatrics, women's health, allergies, asthma, migraines, emotional and mental well being are some, but not all of the areas I like to work at. I like to spend time with my patients to get to know them better, and to make sure that they feel listened and cared in the best possible way.My extensive background in Western medicine as an MD always helped me to understand my patient's healing journeys better. I prefer to be open-minded and use the best parts of all medicines that are available to us.