Cimone Kamei (808) 670-1649
Acupuncturist,DAc 2863 Kalakaua Ave
I treat many different diseases (Please refer to my specialties section) discomfort symptoms and pain. Bad postures, Stress, Constipation, Diarrhea, Allergies, Cold Hands, Cold Feet, Fatigue, Restlessness, Morning difficulty, Poor Circulation, Water Retention, Obesity, Weight Gain, Weight Loss ,Profuse Perspiration, Hot flush, Dry Eyes, Dry Skin, Heat and cold Sensitivity, numbness, Oppression In Throat, Dizziness, Ringing ears, Insomnia, Dizziness, Depression, Tiredness, Panic Attack,Irritation, Fear, Frequent Urination, Over eating etc.Menstrual symptoms, PMS, Prostate, Head Ache, Vertigo, Migraine Headache, Hair Loss,Hot Flash, Puffy Face, Facial Numbness, Achene, Stuffy Nose, Hay Fever, Eye tiredness, Mouth, Floaters in Vision, Carpal Tunnel, Palpitation, Heart Burn, Belching, Digestive problems, Appetite, Gas in stomach, Irritable bowel and many other Symptoms.Stiff Neck, Stiff Shoulder, Tight Shoulder, Whiplash, Frozen Shoulder, Neck & Shoulder Pain, herniated disk, sciatica, intervertebral column constriction, nerve root pressure, the wearing of cartilaginous tissue, lumbar facet syndrome, spina bifida, slip disk syndrome, scoliosis, tennis elbow, carpal tunnel pain, frozen shoulder, tendonitis, fibromyalgia, fasciitis, neuroma, plantar fasciitis,TMJ ,etc...
Marc C Capener (808) 419-7265
Acupuncturist,LAc,MSOM,BS 1164 Bishop Street #1204
The Mind, Body & Spirit need to be in balance in order to be healthy. Our philosophy is to educate & spread Holistic medcine to all those in need. We use a potent combination of Acupuncture, Herbs & Medical Qi Gong to treat a wide variety of ailments including; Addiction, arthritis, diabetes, depression/mania, musculo skeletal pains & strains, knee & low back pain, stress, insomnia, fatigue, edema, infrertility issues for men & women and much more.Throughout my 10 years of studying and practicing Chinese Medicine I have found that almost any disease or malady can benifit from a well regimented balance of Acupuncture, Herbs & Qi Gong with little to no side effects. In Chinese Medicine we say we treat everything. Specialties: Fire cupping, Herbal remediesIn my practice I work with my SIFU/master who has over 35 years of experience in Chinese medicine and is also a Master Herbalist & Qi Gong practitioner. He specializes in treating cancer. Utilizing his experience and knowledge is a priceless treasure that my clinic can offer to any patient.
Yuko Hikichi (808) 538-6868
Acupuncturist,DiplAc,LAc 1188 Bishop St
Use traditional Chinese medicine theory to treat the origin of the symptoms related to Gynecology, Pediatrics, Geriatric Disease, Difficult Syndromes, Stroke, High Blood Pressure, Rheumatic Arthritis, Body Pain, and other difficult syndromes. Also treating moto vehicle accident and worker's compensation.
Acupuncture (808) 201-7312
Acupuncturist,LAc,Dipl OM,MS 1150 S King Street
Tim Nguyen, LAc, Dipl. OM is a State Board & Nationally certified (NCCAOM) traditional Chinese medicine practitioner. He was trained both in China & United States. Prior to moving to Hawaii, he used to work with major fertility & pain clinics in the Bay Area, including Nova IVF, Stanford and PAMF/FPNC... At Acupuncture & Wellness Center, his integrative & comprehensive approach is designed to treat the whole individual (body, mind, and spirit) according to each client's health care needs. By customizing and combining of variety of therapies (acupuncture, non-needle techniques, herbs, supplements, nutritional/diet counseling, exercises and healthy lifestyle recommendations), Tim specializes in treating infertility and pain.* Infertility (high FSH/Estradiol/TSH, PCOS, fibroids, endometriosis, low sperm count/motility...) * Women's health (hormonal imbalance, menopausal syndrome, painful cramps...) * Pain (Neck, Back, Shoulders, Knees, Carpal Tunnel, TMJ, Pelvic, Migraine/Tension Headache...) * Pregnancy-related issues (morning sickness, back pain, baby breech, pre-eclampsia, labor induction...) * Chronic conditions and difficult cases."After 4 tries of IVF for infertility at 40 years old, I finally got pregnant after starting acupuncture with Tim Nguyen. I had tried 3 series of IVF at Stanford, with no luck, and lots of bucks. He is very sensitive, highly technical and thorough, and is very caring..." KS, Palo Alto
Gary Lee Greer (808) 524-4035
Acupuncturist,MAOM,LAc 1481 S King St
"Conditions that can be treated effectively by acupuncture are low back pain, neck pain, sciatica, tennis elbow, knee pain, periarthritis of the shoulder, sprains, facial pain (including craniomandibular disorders), headache, dental pain, tempromandibular (TMJ) dysfunction, rheumatoid arthritis, induction of labor, correction of malposition of fetus (breech presentation), morning sickness. nausea and vomiting. postoperative pain, stroke, essential hypertension, primary hypotension, renal colic, leucopenia, adverse reactions to radiation or chemotherapy, allergic rhinitis including hay fever, biliary colic, depression (including depressive neurosis and depression following stroke), acute bacillary dysentery, primary dysmenorrhea, acute epigastralgia, peptic ulcer, acute and chronic gastritis.""Gary Lee Greer has trained with several TCM Doctors and Taoist Masters extensively throughout China. he is also a Taoist medicine instructor at the World Medicine Institute of Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine. He specializes in traditional as well as modern methods of acupuncture, cupping, moxa, Tuina, Guasha, and Herbal medicine.""He has trained and taught qigong, taijiquan, and wushu for the past 40 years. He currently teaches Dragon Tiger qigong, Zhang Sanfeng Taijiquan, and Wudang wushu at the Tai Xuan Taoist Temple located in Aina Haina."
Samantha Preis (808) 369-9943
Acupuncturist,LAc,MAc,DiplOM 46-005 Kawa St
I believe patient education and motivation are keys to successful treatment.I provide the tools and understanding to create positive change through the use of herbal medicine, acupuncture, dietary and lifestyle recommendations. We will work together in achieving a balanced state of health whether the goal is increased fertility, hormonal regulation, pain elimination, symptom reduction or stress reduction.I have many years of experience providing compassionate and effective care to couples struggling with conception. BBT charting and patient symptoms/history are used to diagnose obstacles and track improvements. Over the course of treatment patients experience improved reproductive and general health. I also offer supportive treatment for IUI and IVF.I see one patient per hour to give complete attention and absolute confidence to my patients. Herbal formulas are individually customized to your needs to produce the best healing results.
Denice Murphy (808) 468-6930
Acupuncturist,LAc,DiplAc 76-5914 Mamalahoa Hwy
Looking to find your health in perfect balance, to potentiate ideal wellness.By implementing the ancient art of Acupuncture, you will find harmony in your health; body, mind, and spirit. From this place of balance, you will find peace and happiness in your life.If you're looking to potentiate your health and your life, find out how amazing Acupuncture can be to help you achieve your goals!
Barbara Fisher (808) 518-4291
Acupuncturist,LAc,DAc 66-560 Kamehameha Hwy
As a licensed Doctor of Acupuncture and a practitioner of Insight Meditation I believe that most healing comes through love and compassion and one day we will know how to heal ourselves with our own hearts and minds. Until that day having a qualified licensed acupuncturist insert tiny needles (thinner than a hair) into acupuncture points is a great way to wake up the body's own intelligence and send healing energy to the places where it is needed. I treat a full spectrum of ailments and disease as well as general balancing treatments to keep the body healthy.On your first visit we will discuss your medical history, diet, lifestyle and any symptoms that you are having that indicates dis-ease in the body. A Chinese diagnosis will be formed and in most cases acupuncture will be given as well as recommendations for any lifestyle changes.I have a special interest in addressing stress related illnesses including post traumatic stress for veterans. I enjoy working with all age groups pediatric to geriatric and I am also available for hospice work. I supplement my acupuncture treatments with relaxing music, moxibustion, electro-stimulation, cupping and herbal medicine.
Virginia (808) 784-7305
Acupuncturist,LAc,RN,MSOM,Dipl... 173 Hoohana Street
Pain is the most common problem treated with acupuncture. Virginia addresses your pain as well as your other health concerns, while working to restore your over-all health. She is focused and effective, achieving excellent results. She will take on any health problem, including any which has not responded well to conventional medical treatment or other alternative methods.Virginia uses a very gentle acupuncture technique. Her patients say she has a calm, confident manner, which they find comforting. Virginia is passionate about healing, and believes in the body's potential to recover from illness, with the right kind of treatment.Virginia Burns is NCAAOM board certified in both acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine, and has 0ver 25 years experience as a registered nurse. Virginia has special training in cupping therapy, gentle facial cupping and cosmetic acupuncture.
Caladrius Healing Clinic (650) 290-6838
Acupuncturist,LAc,MS 341 Westlake Ctr
Please come to share your life experience, to discuss your health issue and to move forward to be better health. I will try my best to work with you for better health.
Ann Tamminen (707) 653-5933
Acupuncturist,LAc,MAc,CMT 111 N Main Street
I have been a Five Element acupuncturist for 30 years. I am deeply committed to not only helping my patients with their physical symptoms, but also helping them experience themselves more powerfully and authentically in all aspects of their lives.I believe one of my personal strengths, as well as a strength of the Five Element Acupuncture approach, is to see each person as the unique individual that they are and tailor each treatment to strengthen them in body, mind, and spirit.I work with people who present with a wide variety of physical and emotional issues, as well as with those who don't have a particular symptom, but want to achieve a greater level of overall health and vitality.I see one person at a time for an hour. During that time, we talk about what is happening in body, mind, and spirit,. My treatment may involve needles, moxibustion, essential oils, energy bodywork, and herbal or nutritional counseling. I believe my patients feel deeply seen and cared for.
Ruth Schlesinger (707) 622-5996
Acupuncturist,MS,LAc 820 Gravenstein Highway, South
I am a licensed acupuncturist and herbalist and I use integrative medicine to support my patient's' general health. My experience includes aiding in stress management, treating colds and boosting the immune system, balancing hormones and working with fertility, PMS and menopause, treating problems during pregnancy and optimizing digestion. An important part of my work is supporting my patients' emotional well being. I aim to create time and space for emotional processing as well as physical healing.I appreciate being able to not only balance what is ailing my patients - whether it's fighting a cold, improving energy, balancing the menstrual cycle or enhancing fertility - but also holding space and being of support emotionally.I have been commended on my approachability; patients report feeling easily comfortable with me.
James Fialk (707) 309-2722
Acupuncturist,ND,LAc 130 Petaluma Ave
At Wellspring Natural Medicine, Dr. James Fialk, ND, L.Ac. serves as a general integrative practitioner for all ages providing holistic personalized care for a wide variety of health concerns from wellness and disease prevention to chronic disease management. He also has a special focus in integrative orthopedics treating acute injury and chronic conditions associated with pain or impaired function. Dr. Fialk’s clinical approach draws from naturopathic medicine, functional medicine, and traditional Chinese medicine perspectives while also considering conventional standards of care.Dr. Fialk prioritizes taking the time to fully understand your health concerns. The initial appointment includes a 45-60 minute consultation (+ 30-45 minutes if acupuncture is also provided). Follow up consultations and/or acupuncture treatments are typically ~45 minutes. Dr. Fialk's spectrum of integrative approaches enables him to identify contributing factors or underlying causes for your condition making it possible for him to assess and treat your symptoms even if they do not fit into a western medical diagnosis or if you do not tolerate, respond to, or desire conventional medical treatments. 
Sydney Annette Bebb-Walker (707) 474-3040
Acupuncturist,LAc 1205 Gravenstein Highway South
I help people restore their health, vibrancy and vitality. I use various treatments for anxiety, low energy, stress and pain, and conditions that haven't responded adequately to other therapies. Enjoy the healing experience and sense of well being from your choice of treatment sessions..I fit the treatment to the person using classical acupuncture, traditional and modern healing methods, nutrition, herbs, bio-energetic healing methods, non-needle treatments, low level light therapy, micro-current & color light for children, fast relief of pain, and facial rejuvenation. I help people with stress, low energy, health issues, and limiting beliefs so that they can use their gifts and passion. When energy blocks are released and our constitutional strengths are supported we feel renewed and well. I invite you to contact me with any questions you may have and for a free phone or in person consultation. Many blessings!
Dove M Yu (650) 437-9922
Acupuncturist,DACM,LAc,RD,LE 6150 Mission Street,
Are you suffering from migraine headache, neck and shoulder pain, lower back pain, or sciatica pain? Do you have issues with anxiety, depression, fatigue, indigestion, and insomnia? Are you concerned about women's health such as infertility, and hot flashes? I have helped many patients to reduce pain, facilitate innate healing ability, and improve organs function by using acupuncture, herbal medicine, and manual therapy (Tuina).At Union Valley Wellness Center, our goal is to use holistic approach to help clients physically and mentally to reach optimal clinical results. In addition, our clients are also being empowered through education to maintain the balance of their body, mind and spirit.I am also a Registered Dietitian, specialized in Internal Medicine, provides nutritional counseling to treat various diseases, and effective regimen through life style changes to achieve desirable and sustainable weight reduction.
River (415) 993-6034
Acupuncturist,LAc 343 El Camino Real
Are you suffering from migraine headache or body pain? Are you struggle on insomnia ? Are you willing to loss weight?Are you tired of drugs? Are you looking for alternate medical to get rid of side affect from chemo and radiation therapy? If you answers is YES, Xiaoqin Zhu L.AC would like to help you, who had trained and had 20 years clinical experience as a traditional Chinese Medicine doctor in China and licensed acupuncturistXiaoqin Zhu specialty would be acupuncture and Chinese herbs with an emphasis in the area of Cancer, Pain Management, women health,digestive system disorders , Neurological and muscular ,disorders and Urinary,sequela of stroke, HBP, diabetes,hormone disorder,depression,skin problem,weight control,infertility.Beside she works in her private clinic in South San Francisco since 2010, also works in Integrative Medicine Department of Highland Hospital and Sutter Health, Alta Bates Summit Medical Center , Berkeley since 2016.
Pamela Jankelow (415) 233-2958
Acupuncturist,LAc,CMT 10 School St Plaza, Suite 10C
I practice a unique, holistic, and compassionate approach to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).I have extensive experience in the field of pain management and over sixteen years of practicing TCM. I also treat many women's related issues from PMS To menopause including infertility and prenatal care. I have many years of experience with all health issues from headaches, depression, stress, anxiety, flu, etc.... In addition to acupuncture, I use herbal remedies, moxa, cupping, therapeutic massage, guided meditation, and other modalities. I am deeply committed to supporting each client on their journey back to health .After a traumatic injury ended my professional dance career, I immersed myself in the study of the human body, pain management, and healing. In addition to a traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) approach,I incorporate nuero-muscular therapy, deep tissue massage, reiki, reflexology, and nutrition,
Yan-xiang Li (415) 689-8807
Acupuncturist 5851 Mission St
I am committed to bring your health back to balance utilizing traditional Chinese acupuncture and herbs. I have more than forty years of experience in Traditional Chinese Medicine, and have held many seminars in treating Migraine headachesI have unique ways using acupuncture to treat chronic migraine headaches. I have many successful cases in the past. My specialty also includes muscle and joint pain. Worker's compensation cases welcomed. Auto accident injuries welcomed here. I also do auricular therapy using herbal seeds to treat weight gain.This clinic has Chiropractor on site with X-Ray equipments for more accurate diagnosis of your injuries.
Anne Bernard (415) 529-5300
Acupuncturist,LAc 31 Bolinas Road
As a Naturopath & Acupuncturist, I especially enjoy working with patients who are eager to take their power back and learn about nutrition, cleansing programs, lifestyle changes, weight management, pain management and hormonal imbalances. I will give you the tools to become your own health master. I use very affordable lab works to fully assess your conditions. Ask us about our Special Fat Removal Program exclusively offered at Vie Harmony: https://youtu.be/L3WdRcm1tAY Loose up to 4 inches per session. (Some clients have exceeded over 25 inches and 50 pound loss on our unique program) and why we use PEMF: https://fccdl.in/d1DJku4I specialize in Detoxification Programs tailored to your needs, which have a profound impact on your Digestive System, Skin (Dermatitis, Acne, Eczema), weight problems, Fatigue, Fibromyalgia, Depression, Insomnia, hormonal imbalances. I also specialize in facial rejuvenation. Inquire about our Cleanse Retreat in Bali: VieHarmonyRetreats.comTry our most powerful Red Light Therapy to melt fat combined with our unique tailored detoxification program. BEMER 3000, FIR Sauna, Power Plate, EIS (3D imaging of whole-body to pinpoint major disregulations). Asyra (evaluates heavy metal toxicity, allergies, organ toxicity, nutritional deficiencies).Foot Bath, Facial Micro-current, Color Light Therapy.
Francesca (831) 609-9928
Acupuncturist,LAc,MTCM,DiplAc 170 17th Street
"Nine months, seven specialists at a famous medical hospital" verses one integrative medicine office visit with Licensed Acupuncturist L. Francesca Ferrari to address the nagging abdominal pain and bloating. The patient clearly needed an accurate diagnosis, which all seven specialists at the hospital missed. Integrative medicine can offer both a Chinese medicine and Western medicine differential diagnosis, and that is exactly what I did. I told my new patient she needed a lactulose breath test to rule out small intestine bacterial overgrowth (SIBO). Voila- the western lactulose breath test confirmed she had SIBO. My specialty covers digestive disorders: SIBO, IBS, imbalance of the microbiome, candidiasis, gluten intolerance, grain intolerance, food intolerance, constipation, abdominal bloating, mycotoxins other mold issues, post-antibiotic issues.Quality uninterrupted sleep and a healthy digestion are foundational keys to good health. These are two areas I so enjoy helping people!