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  • Headache / Migraine(4)
  • Breathlessness(0)
  • Wheezing / Asthma(0)
  • Allergy / Rhinitis / Sinusitis(1)
  • Cough / Post nasal drip(0)
  • Depression / Anxiety / Stress(1)
  • Insomnia(0)
  • Tinnitus / Hearing problem(0)
  • Tiredness / Low energy(0)
  • Chest pain(0)
  • Epigastric pain(0)
  • Hypochondrial pain(0)
  • Abdominal mass(0)
  • Diahhrea / Constipation(0)
  • Painful urination syndrome(0)
  • Enuresis / incontinence(0)
  • Edema / swollen(0)
  • Pain(1)
  • Parkinson disease(0)
  • Stroke / Paralysis(0)
  • Atrophy(0)
  • Multiple Sclerosis / ALS(0)
  • Bleeding(0)
  • Women disorder(0)
  • Common cold / flu(0)
  • Chinese medicine gerenal(0)
  • Diabetes(0)
  • Immune System(0)
  • Anti-aging(0)
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